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Starting in October, change is coming.

Here is what’s new!

  • The PartnerInfo newsletter articles will have a slightly different look. Each article will have a title, teaser and a read more option that will bring you to this new Partner blog where you can read the full article. Shorter articles will be hosted as well in the blog so they can also be searched for when needed.

  • Content such as the Diamond Club, Customer Service Champion and other Partner-only content will not appear in the blog; it will remain gated as always. Do not embed this new Partner blog web page on your website. Articles should not be shared unless it is to a colleague in your company.

  • You cannot subscribe to the Partner Blog as you can with our Modern Digital Business and Product News blogs. This is because the PartnerInfo newsletter is still our key communications tool. The blog is a database for articles.

  • Articles have been categorized based on content, for example, marketing and sales support, product news, DocuWare Academy, company news, etc. Each category has a different color for a quick visual when searching or use the Topics tool on the right-side bar.

  • The link to this Partner blog will only be accessible via newsletter articles or from the Partner Portal dashboard.

  • The Partner blog has been populated with all articles beginning with January 2021 and is available in English, German and Spanish.

We hope you agree that this newer, more modern template will improve your reading experience and that using the searchable database is easier than working with PDFs. While we are very excited to share this news with you, as always, we invite your feedback over the following months!

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