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New Presentation VM Available (Americas)

Peters Engineering recently celebrated its 10th Birthday! Its employees have used DocuWare for many years, but now it's time for them to upgrade to the latest configuration.

Here’s the scenario
The DocuWare Partner responsible for Peters Engineering presented the idea of DocuWare’s preconfigured solutions to them. Peter’s Engineering was so excited about the power and possibilities of these new options that they decided to switch to a new organization and use three preconfigured use cases in the future as well.

VM Configuration Update
We’ve enhanced the VM configuration to include many new features that have been implemented over the last few years in DocuWare. You can now present these modern, state-of-the-art processes in a very simple way making it easy to discuss solutions and benefits with your prospective customers, just as the DocuWare Partner did in the above scenario.

VMs for version 7.5 will be available later in November as mentioned in PartnerInfo #310.

On-premises presentation demos in the VM
For an on-premises presentation, please use the new presentation VM (on-premises). This combines all the above scenarios from our preconfigured solutions.

There are new presentation scripts that incorporate these changes. If you download the presentation VM (on-premises), you will find the scripts as usual on the desktop of the VM user "admin." As in the past, we offer the VM for Virtual Box and VMware Workstation virtualization platforms.

Our preconfigured solution for electronic signatures cannot be used with this VM because it cannot communicate with the web-based signature service.

If you want to present electronic signatures with DocuWare, we recommend our new e-signature demo (see article "New: an online organization for e-signature presentation purposes (demos)” or create your own organization via the Partner Portal based on the template for electronic signatures. Documentation and the script for this can be found on our resources page. (English | Spanish | French)

Cloud presentation demos
If you want to present a demo with a cloud organization, simply create a cloud trial preconfigured solution via the Partner Portal. The corresponding documentation and presentation scripts can be found on our resources page. (English | Spanish | French)

Cloud organizations can be used together with: Microsoft Office programs, sample documents, email, ERPs, etc. in a version-independent way if you download the cloud VM and connect the two. The cloud VM file is smaller than the on-premises VM and can also be used with lower hardware requirements for the presentation computer.

If you want to use the configuration for your cloud presentation exactly as it is set up in the new presentation VM (on-premises), please create an organization using the "Peters Engineering" template via the Partner Portal and connect it to the downloaded cloud VM. For this, you will find a separate presentation script and a configuration guide in the Partner Portal document pool.

All download links for the VMs can be found in the Learning Management System (LMS) / “VM” tab.

Please take a look at the new scripts and practice the new demo before using it for the first time in one of your customer or prospect meetings. Your Regional Sales Director, as well as the staff of the DocuWare Academy, will be happy to help!

We are confident that the new content will help you close deals and wish you much success with the latest version of Peters Engineering.

Stefan Schindler

Written by Stefan Schindler

Vice President Solution Management and Training

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