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Masterclass for the DocuWare iPaaS connector on Make

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No-code integrations? Yes… learn more in these masterclass videos.

Make 1

No-code as an integration tool existed at DocuWare even before this term even existed: Printer, Import, Autoindex and Smart Connect are just some of our configuration options. But with our DocuWare iPaaS connector on the no-code integration platform Make (from Celonis SE), there are now no limits to the imagination of integrations.

Make 2

Ahmet Taş was a DocuWare employee for many years before he became a DocuWare partner with his company Avantgarde Software.  Its agility in integrating DocuWare with third-party systems can be read in this recent case study: Carebase automates its reporting by connecting DocuWare Cloud via Make.

This new masterclass of connecting DocuWare via Make is a simple introduction for faster sales of more DocuWare licenses through integration options for use cases that were previously not so easy to map with DocuWare. This class is recommended for all Partners interested in integration who want to achieve more sales with DocuWare by expanding the use of DocuWare.

For the content: There is onboarding into the basics of the Make platform. What are scenarios and templates? How do DocuWare triggers work using webhooks & web services, DocuWare validation and webhooks?

DocuWare Connector is presented with all modules in-depth and with examples. The modules of Make themselves are explained very clearly, e.g. how each API can be addressed via the http module if there is no free connector to the necessary integration.  

And the business side is also considered: What costs and how do you optimize the use of the integration platform Make? How can a monetization strategy or a new business area such as the marketing of their own native connectors be successful for DocuWare Partners by creating their own scenarios, templates or connectors?

There are also some helpful scenarios and templates for using DocuWare with Make as a free extra:

Make 3

You can use it to automatically fill Word templates with index data from DocuWare. Furthermore, content from third-party applications can be imported into DocuWare table fields. 

To get started, here are links to the first two free lessons. They are currently available in English, transcriptions into other languages will follow shortly:

#FreeLesson 1. DocuWare Make  Masterclass - Intro
Make 4

#FreeLesson 2.  Content of Masterclass
Make 5

Here’s the entire Masterclass:


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