Marketing Kit – Your Demand Generation Playbook

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MarketingKitOur new Marketing Kit - a Demand Generation Playbook - offers so much information on outbound vs. inbound marketing, social engagement and more; you’ll also receive three worksheets that will guide you through the lessons with practical exercises. There is even a checklist so that you can put your new knowledge into practice – so that you can be optimally prepared.

Are you curious to hear more? Then have a first look at the contents of the Marketing Kit…

Chapter overview

  1. Customers and their motivation to buy

Understand your customers better and address them as efficiently as possible. In this chapter, we’ll cover the creation of your ideal customer profile, a new buyer's journey, the importance of your company brand, and your value proposition.

  1. Social Selling

Are you wondering how to use your social media channels to target the right audience and build a relationship with your customers? In this chapter, we’ll tell you exactly how this works.

  1. Marketing Today – Outbound vs. Inbound

There are many ways to find qualified prospects. In the third chapter, you will learn about the role of your website, search engine optimization, webinars and email marketing.

  1. From theory to practice

In the fourth and final chapter, learn how to define key performance indicators, evaluate the success of your campaigns, and then optimize them.

Now it's up to you! Help your current marketing and sales efforts to be even more successful and download your Demand Generation Playbook now! English | Spanish | French

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