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New case study
We are happy to share a new case study with you. Lohmiller & Company/Carrier West of Denver, CO has been using DocuWare for three years and has expanded it to nine departments during that time. It’s a great study showing once a department realizes the many benefits, excitement grows and expansion happens - transforming the customer into a full modern digital company that can easily stay ahead of their competition.

New web page – User Support
DocuWare created a new web page dedicated to supporting users. It’s a great sales tool when you share it with your prospects. As hard as we all try, sometimes things just go wrong but your prospects and customers want to know that help is just a mouse-click away. With the use of event-based clustering, all DocuWare users (cloud and on-premises) can now find the right contact for their questions. This new web page provides the sources they can turn to for assistance in their use and support of DocuWare. Click here for English | Spanish | French.

New web page - DocuWare Export
DocuWare Export, the universal solution for integrating DocuWare with invoice processing, is now featured on our website. Use the export index data web page to convince your prospects and customers of the benefits of sharing index data from their documents with their accounting and ERP systems. English | Spanish | French

Updated web page – Compliance and Certifications
DocuWare is regularly tested and is certified by independent third-party institutions to ensure our product, company and platform meet requirements for information and data security. We’ve recently updated our web page to reflect our latest compliance certifications and achievements. Click here for English | Spanish | French.

Updated datasheet – Compliance List
To reference a quick list or if you need a handout, the Compliance and Awards document comes in handy. Click here to download: Compliance list

New White Paper – System Architecture
To download a PDF of the DocuWare version 7.5 White Paper – System Architecture, click here: English

Electronic Signatures
It’s no secret, e-signatures are a hot topic. In our continued support of sales tools on this subject, we are providing you with a new infographics, to join the recently released ebook.
Infographics - English
E-signature ebook - English

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