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Your system’s features and security: organization settings

Organization settings

Organization settings are set up once and applied to your entire DocuWare system, for all the users who work with it. They range from password security to activating collaboration features. Here are some things that not only DocuWare administrators should know about them...

Organization settings define the basic framework for using DocuWare in your company. Since security issues such as single sign-on and password policies are also regulated here, not all DocuWare users have access to this component of the DocuWare configuration, but only those with System or Organization Administrator authorization. If you would like to implement suggestions from this article in your company, but don‘t have the appropriate authorization in DocuWare, please contact your admin team.


Two features that make it easier to collaborate on documents in DocuWare must first be activated in organization settings on the General tab so that your colleagues can use them.

Edit in Office for the web makes it possible to collaborate live with your colleagues on archived Microsoft Office documents. In a cross-departmental project, for example, all participants enter the current status during a meeting, regardless of whether they are directly in the meeting room or working remotely from home. And even if you want to work on a Word document on your own, it's done quickly in Office for the web. Learn more about this handy DocuWare Cloud feature.

Integration with Microsoft Teams: Direct sharing of links to archived documents via Microsoft Teams is a part of this integration. For example, you can use the feature to share a supplier's offer in a project group. You don't have to leave DocuWare to do this, and the authorizations defined in DocuWare continue to apply. Because you are not posting the document itself, but only a link to it, the document remains securely stored in DocuWare. Learn more about connecting Microsoft Teams to DocuWare.

Working hours and regional hiring

Organization settings within the Time & Language section are important for automated processes, i.e. workflows. They affect emails sent as part of the processes and influence the calculation of escalation deadlines. For example, if you deactivate Fridays when introducing 4-day work weeks, reminder emails will go out earlier. Settings here are independent of the language setting that users set up for their user interface.

For the encoding of CSV files that can be exported from DocuWare, there are different regional standards. Here you specify the type of coding that should be used in the company in general. For CSV export of result lists and DocuWare Export, a different encoding type can also be selected individually. Learn more about choosing the type of encoding for CSV files.

Security settings

Security tab

This controls the security of your DocuWare system, so don't make changes here without careful thought. Most of the options are related to logging into the system: 

  • Single sign-on: For connecting to your identity provider so that users can also log into DocuWare with their company username and password. Possible with all identity providers that support the Open ID Connect protocol.
  • Guest login: To access DocuWare as a guest without entering access data. If you use this option, please restrict the rights assigned to the stored guest user according to your requirements.
  • Password Policy: Regulates DocuWare password requirements in your system, such as password length and how long a password is valid.
  • Passphrase: For encrypting URLs as part of URL integrations. An encrypted URL with a user name and password can also be used to automatically log in to the Web Client.
  • Timeout: For automatically logging out a user when inactive.

You also have the option to generally block file types for your DocuWare system. These file types won’t then be imported into baskets nor stored in file cabinets. You can exclude entire file types, such as audio files, or define them specifically based on file extensions.

For more in-depth information on security settings and configuration instructions for connecting DocuWare to Identity Providers, please visit the Knowledge Center.