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Travel expenses quickly tallied – and reimbursed

Give accounting and human resources a break by automating your expense reporting. With DocuWare, everyone gets on board with a workflow to speed up processes and cut down on repetitive tasks. Such a simple way to increase team satisfaction! 

Reimbursement of travel expenses can be a hassle in many companies. With DocuWare, you can make the process so much speedier and easy – for employees, cost center managers, and accounting/HR staff. 


Automatic means super fast turnaround

Let's say a manager named Thomas Sanders is on his way back from a meeting. Still sitting at the airport, he starts his travel expense report: He just uses his smartphone to scan all receipts for hotel, food and travel expenses. 

With a few clicks, he then fills out the travel expense form provided by the accounting department. Since it’s web-based, he can fill it out on his smartphone or laptop from anywhere. It clearly tells him what information is needed, things like customer meal receipts. Expenses for car rentals or mileage costs are added up directly in the form

1_Travel reimbursement

Then Tom loads his scanned receipts into the form. With one click, he sends it off - and that's it! He’s now set a workflow in motion. The very next day, he receives an email in which the accounting department tells him what total amount he will soon be reimbursed.

For Tom, this is so quick and easy because his supervisor Birgit Jones automatically received the travel expense request as a workflow task and was able to approve it with an electronic stamp in no time at all – thanks to DocuWare. As a result, the task was again automatically forwarded to the accounting department for completion. 


Reimbursement in just a few steps

The starting point for travel expense reporting with DocuWare is always a form that is created with DocuWare Forms which an employee fills out. All further steps are automatically controlled by the workflow. As soon as receipts are recorded, all you need to follow are these steps – explained here again using our example:

1.    Fill out the form and upload receipts 
In the browser, Tom fills out the travel expense form and submits it, so that his travel expense application goes to his supervisor as a task.

2.    Check and approve the travel expense report 
Birgit checks the information and approves it with a click, so that it then heads back to the accounting department as a task.

2_Travel reimbursementTask of the supervisor in the web client

The exact calculation of the reimbursement amount including per diems is done in the travel expense software, see below.

3.    Posting and paying 
The accounting department posts the amount which triggers the payment. An email is then automatically generated informing Tom of the total amount of he will be refunded. Done!


Transfer data from travel expense software

If you use travel expense software, this data can also be transferred to DocuWare, depending on the solution. DocuWare offers various options here, depending on which travel expense program you are working with. For example, you can use a web service or connect a database. 

With DocuWare Cloud, all functions for travel expense reporting are available to you as described. If you are working with a locally installed DocuWare system, you‘ll need licenses for DocuWare Forms and Workflow Manager.

Here’s more on how these forms can do the math for you . DocuWare Forms also give you a head’s up when incorrect entries are suspected.