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Let forms do the math for you

Let forms do the math for you

While entering data into a travel expense report, you’d love to know right away what reimbursement you can expect? No problem! DocuWare Forms calculate right while you enter. 

Since DocuWare version 7.8 , DocuWare can calculate forms, or rather, it makes it possible to store automatic calculations for number fields. For example: user input is automatically added up and the sum of each amount is displayed in an additional read-only field, right as it is entered. In addition to field inputs, fixed values can also be used for the calculation, and the four basic arithmetic operations and brackets that are available as operators.


Example 1: Travel expense reimbursement 

1_Web FormTravel expense form: The results of the stored calculations are displayed in the fields marked in red

In a travel expense form, employees enter the number of kilometers/miles driven. Another field immediately shows what refund amount they can expect. For this purpose, the number of kilometers/miles entered is multiplied by the mileage refund amount as a fixed value in the background.

In addition, employees can enter amounts of other expenses incurred during a business trip. All these amounts and mileage allowance are added together in the background and the sum is displayed. 

The total sum is also transferred to an index field and is then directly available for further processing. For example, in a workflow, a refund request can be forwarded to two people for approval if it exceeds a certain amount.

The new function not only brings advantages to the person filling out the form, but can also accelerate the downstream processes.


Example 2: Order form

This new feature is also very practical for order forms. If you enter the unit price for the goods offered, the corresponding price is immediately displayed by specifying the quantity for an item. You sum up the amounts of the individual items and, if necessary, multiply the sum by the VAT rate. This creates transparency for the customer, and all data is in the system, ready for processing the order and associated invoice.


Here's how to configure it

In the form designer, click Calculations in the top menu bar or in the field settings to open the formula builder.

2_Calculate distiance refoundFormula generator within DocuWare forms – used here to calculate a mileage allowance

Inputs from form fields, fixed values, basic arithmetic operations and parentheses are available for the formulas. Finally, you can specify in which form field you want a result to be displayed.


More about DocuWare Forms

Further application ideas and tips for DocuWare Forms can be found in the product blog under the topic of forms management . For example, to accelerate processes in HR or to create an online survey.

You can find help to configure the forms in the DocuWare Knowledge Center within the DocuWare Forms section.

An additional DocuWare Forms license is required for the use of forms for DocuWare On-Premises systems, while the functionality is included in all license packages for DocuWare Cloud.