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Process all invoice formats and XML documents

Automate procurement processes with DocuWare's XML invoice processing and related document import capabilities.

DocuWare provides limitless automation for your procurement processes. You can easily import and process XML invoices as well as related documents like delivery notes and purchase orders. This gives you loads of data to use in your workflows. 


Automate procurement processes

Automate your purchase-to-pay processes based on XML. Starting with DocuWare version 7.10, all document types are imported and processed. The only requirement is that they are encoded in UTF-8 format. 

By automatically using XML metadata, input errors can be completely avoided. 


Processing XML documents – how to set it up

In DocuWare Configuration, upload a suitable XML file as a sample document in the "Document Processing" area. Under "Processing," the metadata of the XML file and thus all necessary information of the document are displayed in a table view. In this section, select the desired data and connect it to the index fields of DocuWare. 


From XML code to readable invoice 

DocuWare presents a variety of XML invoice standards that are also readable by the human eye, including all standards according to EU standard EN 16931 (CII and UBL), such as XRechnung from Germany, FacturX from France and FatturaPA from Italy. New additions with DocuWare version 7.10 are:

•    KSEF, the standard used by the Polish Tax Authority
•    FACTURAe from Spain

This means that invoices from these countries can also be visually checked in a structured format. 


Here's what it looks like

When you open XML invoices in a tray or file cabinet, a readable form is automatically created from the XML code and displayed in the DocuWare Viewer. As you can see, a standard Spanish invoice format is generated from the XML:


This example shows a standard invoice created from an XML document


The functionality for processing all types of XML documents is available starting with DocuWare version 7.10.

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