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Error-free indexing with one click

DocuWare’s "One Click Indexing" tool is ideal for assigning index terms when archiving. Manual typing of long names or number combinations is replaced in no time at all. Even when it comes to the longest address you can imagine… 

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is a small village in Wales best known for its 58-letter name. One Click Indexing is a standard tool in the DocuWare Viewer that allows you to grab even the trickiest sequences of characters and numbers as index values – all correct and without any annoying typing!

Here’s how One Click Indexing works

As soon as you click on a term in a document that is open in the DocuWare Viewer, it is automatically entered in the active field of the store dialog. The cursor then jumps automatically to the next index field of the store dialog, so that you can immediately transfer the next term with another click. You can accept several terms – for example, first and last name at the same time – by selecting them while holding down the left mouse button.  By holding down the [Ctrl] key, you can also select words, dates and sequences of numbers at different points in the document and then transfer them accordingly into an index field. 

OneClickIndexing fin_EN 2

Is One Click Indexing always active? 

One Click Indexing is included as a standard DocuWare feature. You can tell whether it’s been activated by the fact that terms will be highlighted in color as soon as you move the mouse pointer over a document that’s opened in the viewer. If this is not the case, just activate the feature in your Viewer toolbar via the ABC icon.

One Click Inexing Toolbar EN-1

If the ABC icon is missing in your Viewer toolbar, you can display it via the main menu under Profile & Settings in the Viewer section. More information can be found here.  

Also for index dialog, in tables and tasks

One Click Indexing works not only in the store dialog, but also when you change or supplement index terms for an already archived document and with fillable fields in workflow tasks. Amounts and individual invoice items in table fields can also be easily entered with one click.

Adopt file properties as index terms

Even the file properties displayed in the viewer's footer can be quickly transferred to an index field. File name, type, and date are clickable areas there.

Intelligent Indexing keeps on learning

Use One Click Indexing if you work with Intelligent Indexing and still need to fill or correct index fields. Intelligent Indexing learns even faster this way than when typing terms.