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Connect to Teams: Notifications for workflow tasks

Get notified about DocuWare workflow tasks on Microsoft Teams

With the latest update of the DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams, users can now receive notifications about DocuWare workflow tasks via Microsoft Teams and take immediate action on them.



DocuWare Connect to Teams 

The integration of DocuWare in Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration, accelerates processes and increases security. With the DocuWare App in Teams, you can archive documents shared in Teams centrally in DocuWare with just a few clicks, so that they can also be accessed by colleagues in the alongside other business documents and emails.

And since the autumn 2023 update, you can also add DocuWare lists as tabs in Microsoft Teams. This is a good way to quickly access current documents and work on workflow tasks directly in Teams, particularly for people who only occasionally work with DocuWare.


New: Notifications for DocuWare workflow tasks

In addition to the DocuWare task lists in Teams, the latest update of the DocuWare Teams app allows you to individually set whether you also want to receive notifications about new DocuWare workflow tasks via Teams. Simply use the link in a notification to open the workflow task directly in DocuWare and complete it there - usually with just one click of a button.

Notification for a DocuWare workflow task in Microsoft Teams


Here's how it works: Activate notifications

As soon as the DocuWare App is connected to a DocuWare Cloud organization of version 7.10, the DocuWare bot's help card displays this new functionality. Each individual user can activate (or deactivate) the notifications for themselves using the commands listed.

Help card with commands for activating or deactivating notifications



The notifications are initially only available in conjunction with DocuWare Cloud and starting with DocuWare version 7.10

Connect to Teams is included in all DocuWare Cloud license packages. For on-premises systems, the interface is available as an additional add-on module. The notifications function described here is planned for the next on-premises DocuWare release.