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2021: Together we’re strong for the future

We hope you can take full advantage of DocuWare's varied offerings to get you and your company ready for the new year. We'll help you work securely and digitally, regardless of location – and keep everything running smoothly and seamlessly with your other IT applications.

Thankfully, we’ll soon be looking back at this past year. The impact of the pandemic was enormous, both on our private lives and the world of work. As a DocuWare customer, we hope that you reaped the benefits of making the move to a paperless office and were able to keep your business up and running. But what's next?

It's not just the new vaccines that give hope. Recent lessons learned have also helped us position ourselves well for the future. In so many ways, we’ll never go back to a pre-Corona era. In the work world, it has become clear that there are other ways to get things done. Many meetings can be held online, saving time and money from business trips. Many employees working from a home office feel so comfortable there that they will likely push for this option in the future. All of this will have a lasting impact on how we work and will certainly impact the real estate market and far beyond.

What does this mean for you and your company?

Digitization is the key for securing future viability for companies across all industries. As a DocuWare customer, you have the right partner at your side. To build on are a few questions to ask yourself:

Get more information

We offer free webinars on a wide range of topics, from user tips to integration options. You’re sure to find something valuable on our Webinar website. Many webinar recordings can also be found on DocuWare‘s Youtube channel / Webinar Playlist.

Stay up-to-date with training

The DocuWare Academy helps you take full advantage of your DocuWare solution. Our training offerings were recently expanded for Spanish and French speaking customers. Administrator Trainings provide optimal know-how for configuring and using DocuWare and its many modules along with numerous hands-on exercises and exampes of best practices. The training dates for 2021 are already set, so be sure to secure your spot now! Currently, trainings are taking place as online/virtual webinars.
We are also planning SDK trainings for IT specialists who want to learn more about the programmed connection to DocuWare via C# or REST interface. We'll keep you posted on the dates.

Prepare for coming challenges

Security and data protection – both very complex topics – will continue to gain importance in 2021. With DocuWare, you will be ready: whether it‘s to meet the GDPR or other international data protection standards, compliance is a core DocuWare strength. Both the product and the company have numerous certifications in this regards. And with DocuWare Cloud, your documents and data are well protected, whether from fire and natural disasters or cyber attacks. Together with the underlying Azure system, DocuWare Cloud offers more security than most locally operated server systems or data centers can provide.
Whenever we have news regarding these topics for you, we'll let you know here in the DocuWare Product Blog. To make sure you don't miss anything, be sure to read our monthly newsletter. Feel free to recommend it to your colleagues as well! Click here to sign up for UserInfo.

Wishing you a successful 2021 – may you head into the new year with confidence and optimism. And above all else: Best of health to you and everyone you know and love!




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