DocuWare Academy: VM Conversion and Recertification 2023

DocuWare Academy

Migrating VM to Hyper-V

As mentioned in previous editions of PartnerInfo, the VMs for training and presentations will be switched to Hyper-V with Windows 2022 and Intelligent Indexing V2.

DocuWare Academy

Hyper-V is provided free of charge with any 64-bit Windows Pro, Enterprise, or Education license used on a computer. If you want to use virtualization with VMware, you must purchase a VMware Workstation Pro license. Don't forget that a personal Microsoft 365 license is also required to use the VM, regardless of the virtualization you are using. 

You can download our current VMs in the LMS ( at any time via the top navigation in the "VM" tab. Updated instructions for preparing your VM can also be found there. 

  • The DSC VM for Hyper-V, instead of the earlier Virtual Box version, will be available starting 9/25/2023. 
  • The DAC VM / Presentation VM Peters Engineering (PE) for Virtual Box will be replaced by the Hyper-V version on 11/25/2023. The PE for VMware Workstation Pro will continue to be available. In this case, however, only Intelligent Indexing V1 is available (without automatic filling of tables and extended number of index fields). 

Recertification 2023 

This year's recertification in the LMS ( consists of three parts including all corresponding exams, which must be completed by 12/31/2023 in order to extend your certification per career track. If you want to renew both your DAC (Sales) and DSC (Technical) certifications, you'll need to complete both learning paths.  

As was already widely communicated, Part 1 (What's new 7.8) has been closed since 8/31/2023; Part 2 is available from May until 12/31/2023; Part 3 (What's new 7.9) will open on 10/1/2023 (until then the block will remain closed).

Of course, we do not want to exclude you from recertification if you have not yet been able to work on or complete Part 1. Therefore, together with the publication of Part 3, we will also reopen Part 1. If you are eligible for recertification, i.e. if you have a currently valid certification with an end date of 12/31/2023, you can access your learning paths for recertification in your personal learning status via the top navigation in the LMS.

A more detailed description of the rules for Partner qualification can be found in the FAQ in the LMS and the marketing brochure provided there. 


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