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DocuWare’s Partner Search web page has new design and functionality

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Keeping our website modern and user-friendly is always important for any company. We are working on a new Find a Partner web page that will go live in the coming days.

We are excited to share that, besides a refreshed look, we are now listing Partners alphabetically within the following order of ranking: Diamond Club, Platinum, Gold, then Silver. If you’re a Customer Service Champion, you’ll also have at insignia designation showing. The listing change no longer includes Base level Partners.

Another change is that we found Partners are looking to list just one main contact/email per company so that they can follow their leads from start to finish. For example, many are wanting to list a generic email such as Based on this, we’ve determined that each company’s location will have one main contact moving forward. This listing will provide a phone number, email and address. Please know that your company / branch will continue to be listed only if a person with valid DAC / DCC certification is based there.  

Find partnersTo get started, we’ve used our CRM to pull your company and main contact’s information. Website, phone, email, address are editable by the partner in My Account (company information overview). In the future we’ll provide access so that you can edit more specific data in this listing as needed, along with other features to help prospects find you easier. Currently, you can simply select the country you wish to search and where DocuWare Partners are based. Please note that for the United States, instead of clicking on the box, use the dropdown arrow to select the state. Thanks for your patience as we continue to develop this web page.

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