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The Help Portal for DocuWare customers offers the following new help and instructions for DocuWare Version 7.8 continued:

  • Virtual Recycle Bin
    Our customers learn the requirements and technical background for restoring documents in the Web Client.
  • Connect to Teams
    This is how your customers set up the Connect to Teams app and save documents from Microsoft Teams chats and channels directly in DocuWare.
  • Single Sign-On with Okta
    DocuWare version 7.8 generally supports identity providers for Open ID Connect. How such a connection can be configured is shown using Okta as an example.
  • The White Paper System Architecture has been updated and renamed
    White Paper On-Premises - System Architecture to emphasize that the content refers to DocuWare on-premises. The White Paper Security also has a new title, White Paper Document Security, which specifies the topic.
  • What's new
    The new features of DocuWare Version 7.8 are described with use cases and benefits.
  • Technical Release Notes
    Read this technical information before installing DocuWare Version 7.8.
  • Workflow Designer  
    The revised help from the Workflow Designer explains, among other things, the new, automatic filling of index tables for recurring invoicing.
  • Configuration example for workflow "3-Way Matching”
    The use case of "Line Item Matching" was already presented at DocuWorld – here you’ll find the step-by-step instructions for configuring such a workflow.

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