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New with DocuWare Mobile: Upload Documents to a File Cabinet

The latest update for DocuWare Mobile has two important new features.

First, documents and files can now be saved directly to the file cabinet. The sharing function sends them to the DocuWare app, where they can still be indexed before being stored, including with Intelligent Indexing. The second new feature is the stapling of already saved documents with documents in the tray.

With this update, there is no longer any functional reason to rely on the Classic App. We hope this will be a further incentive for customers of DocuWare version 6.xx to make their move to this latest version.

The DocuWare App is compatible with DocuWare version 7 and higher and is available for mobile devices running iOS and Android. For older DocuWare versions 6.xx, the DocuWare Classic app will remain in the stores for now.

Katharina Leonhardt

Written by Katharina Leonhardt

Product Marketing

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