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New Cloud Feature: DocuWare Export

Something new - you can now export the index data of documents to enable data transfer to third-party applications. This is especially useful for integrating DocuWare with ERP and accounting systems. Exports are started easily using the DocuWare Export app.

You can run an export immediately or by scheduling it. The set up is done in DocuWare Configuration. DocuWare covers a variety of options that are compatible with the data import structure of leading accounting systems.

Schedule and licensing
DocuWare Export will be included in DocuWare Cloud starting the second half of this month (June). For DocuWare as an on-premises system, it will be available with the next version release and a special add-on license will be required.

DocuWare Export vs DocuWare Data Export Tool
As the feature set is nearly identical, DocuWare Export will replace the DocuWare Data Export Tool. Starting with the next DocuWare version, the DocuWare Data Export Tool will no longer be available for new sales. Customers who already have a DocuWare Data Export Tool license can still use the tool. Support will also be continued, therefore, there is no need for customers to update from DocuWare Data Export Tool to DocuWare Export.

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