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New Talk Tracks
To assist your sales teams, we’ve created several new talk tracks. Each talk track gives insight on whom to speak with, as well as, how to identify an opportunity, questions you should ask, how to start a conversation, challenges and value propositions, and common objections and responses. Talk tracks are available for:
K-12 Education
Accounts Payable
Human Resources
State & Local Government
General Document Management
The English versions are readily available in the Marketing & Sales Tools. Other languages will follow shortly.

Partner Kit Reminder
Frog princeNew campaign: Modern invoice processing makes wishes come true!
Wishes will come true in 2023! Start the new year with a clever new sales and marketing campaign on invoice processing. We’ve put together a complete package to make it as easy for you as possible to grab the attention of finance/accounting managers and potential customers.

In this campaign’s Partner Kit, you'll find everything you need, from images and content suggestions for your marketing efforts to tools to boost your sales expertise. It's simple to use.

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