Limiting results of Platform API search queries in the cloud

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Large numbers of documents are often queried through the Platform API in DocuWare Cloud. This may adversely affect the performance of your own and other cloud organizations.

To always ensure the stable performance of all cloud organizations, we will start limiting the number of documents that can be queried in a request from the cloud in the Platform API starting with DocuWare version 7.7.

Self-developed tools that query in a single request more than 10,000 documents via the Platform API must be adapted. Instead of a single large search query, such tools will need to use several smaller, consecutive searches in the future. This “paging” approach will make sure that all required documents can be retrieved from DocuWare.

For more details, see the related Knowledge Base article. English | Spanish | French

Another important note: This change only applies to Platform API in the DocuWare Cloud. On-premises customers are not affected. The described change also has no influence on users of the Web Client.

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