New in DocuWare Forms: Sums across multiple tables

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As of December 29, DocuWare Forms will include an extension to the recently introduced table calculation feature. Users will be able to aggregate sums of numeric columns across multiple tables, using other numeric fields on the form and fixed numbers to construct a formula. The result can be displayed in the designated numeric field and be used for indexing.

Once all essential table columns and numeric fields have been set up, simply navigate to “Add New” > “Form Calculation” to access the Formula builder. 
Within the formula builder interface, you'll find a whole list of numeric fields and numeric column sums as formula elements. Effortlessly arrange your formula by dragging and dropping these elements into the designated formula space. Remember to select a specific numeric field to display the calculation result; doing so will automatically configure the chosen numeric field as read-only. 

This new extension will bring a lot of variety to your forms. As the above example shows, creating the formula: “Column Sum*1” should allow users to automatically present the sum of the column outside the table within a numeric field, which liberates the value from being exclusively displayed in the footer, offering a more flexible and dynamic presentation. This also significantly facilitates the indexing process while opening up the possibility of using this value in other formulas.  


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