Enhanced workflow automation: Exciting updates to Web Service activity

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To further optimize your experience with the DocuWare platform, we are excited to introduce the latest enhancements to Web Service activity in workflows. The latest DocuWare 7.9 update to the Workflow Designer introduces new endpoints, extending the capabilities of the default web service DocuWare Platform API and further streamlines workflow automation.

We are delighted to announce the addition of the following endpoints, bringing the total to over 20:  

  • dialogExpression: Execute a search via a search dialog and retrieve the results of the query.  
  • documentDelete: Enable the deletion of a document.  
  • transfer: Facilitate the transfer of a document from a source file cabinet or document tray to a specified file cabinet or document tray.  
  • createUser: Create a new user, streamlining the user creation process within your workflow.  


Select the endpoint in the first step of Web Service configuration  
Our selected DocuWare Platform API endpoints ensure seamless execution based on identified use cases, providing benefits for workflow designers. If you have specific endpoint requests, we welcome you to reach out to our Support. Share the desired endpoint/operation and its use case, and we will consider your suggestions for future enhancements.  

API Endpoints, as defined in the OpenAPI Specification (OAS), specify all necessary information for executing specific tasks. They simplify the configuration of HTTP requests by automatically pre-filling parameters.  

Find more information about this in our Knowledge Center.

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