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DocuWare Data Export Tool discontinued

The DocuWare Export module – on the market since summer 2021 – replaced the DocuWare Data Export Tool in terms of functionality and applications. Accordingly, it was no longer available for new business since that time. There will also no longer be support for this retired module as of December 31, 2022.

This older module (DocuWare Data Export Tool) was only sold as part of Professional Service orders. DocuWare Export is much easier to set up – even by customers themselves. We offer existing on-premises customers a free sidegrade to DocuWare Export. In DocuWare Cloud, this feature is included.

To make the switch as easy as possible, the latest version of the Data Export Tool generates a configuration file that can be imported directly for configuring DocuWare Export. All settings are adopted, so that existing export processes do not have to be adapted or recreated.

For contract customization and sidegrades, please contact for EMEA region and for Americas

Tobias Getz

Written by Tobias Getz

Team Leader Product Management

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