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Recertification 2022 starts with the DocuWorld Partner Conference 2022
Come to DocuWorld in Orlando to start your recertification process. We will be holding DAC and DSC courses in English and Spanish. To finish your recertification, after the conference you’ll have to successfully pass an online exam (per career path) in the DocuWare Academy Learning Management System (LMS). (DAC, DCC, DSC; for DSAs, the DAC training applies the same as last year.) Once you pass the exam, your respective certification will be extended until December 31, 2023. Please remember if you are dual certified, each recertification requires you to pass the respective exams.

Please note that you will only have access to the 2022 recertification training and exams if you have completed the 2021 recertification process. Likewise, if you do not yet hold a valid certification or if it has already expired, you will not be eligible to participate in any recertification.

New Workflow Advanced program for DSCs is now available
The new Workflow Advanced Program is now available in the Academy’s learning platform ( Participation is voluntary, free of charge and independent of certification and recertification.

You decide for yourself when, which elements and at what pace you would like to work through these self-study packages: "Arithmetic Expressions" and "WF How-To Tutorials". It is then up to you if and when you want to attend a Q&A-day after each one or if you would like to work on a complex scenario, then register for the Exercise Day.

Working through the tutorial packages is not a prerequisite, but you must pass the preceding admission test on your workflow knowledge and experience. At this time, the Q&A-day and Exercise Day are in CET (Central European Standard Time) zone. You are welcome to join at these times or check with future PartnerInfos for American timed sessions.

In the Workflow Career catalog, you will find:

  • detailed descriptions of the program
  • recommendations
  • additional material
  • tutorials

At the bottom of the page, in the Workflow Career Path, you can access the videos/tutorials or the dates and admission tests for Q&A and Exercise Day.

Would you like to know what "the others" are learning? Visit the Insights into Trainings
At times, insights into other aspects of DocuWare can be of interest or even necessary for you to fulfill your job responsibilities. However, it may not be relevant enough to attend a full 3-day course. We are happy to now have a selection of one-day courses that will help address this matter.

These “insights trainings” are for DAC (sales) and DSC (technical) as an introduction to the most important content of consultative and technical trainings. They are voluntary, free of charge and do not count towards certification or recertification.

  • Insights into DAC for DSC - prerequisite: none
    After a DAC does their presentation, prospects/customers each have a different level of understanding about the product/process. The DSC, knowing this, can be mindful of the knowledge level prior to starting the configuration workshop. Also, the DSCs needs to guide the prospect in what is necessary to think about in terms of their concepts for the future of their DocuWare system.
  • Insights into DSC for DAC - Prerequisite: valid DAC or DCC certification
    In this training you will learn how to customize a VM presentation yourself as a certified DAC. You will make your own changes to the existing configurations along the familiar software presentation in your existing VM. 

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