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New section: VM
The DocuWare Academy team is proud to present to you a new service found in the LMS. It is a summary and links related to the VM. This new section is available now and can be found on the top navigation bar just like the catalog, recertification, learning status, media center and FAQs.

You no longer need to remember where you recently read information about new versions of VM or where to find the download links. We think you’ll appreciate the improved ease of use.

The standard communication medium is and will be, our PartnerInfo newsletters. With this new section in the LMS we have simply summarized all the necessary information as follows:

  • General information and notes
  • Scenarios for using the VM
  • Technical requirements
  • Instructions for installation and setup
  • Current Peters Engineering license
  • Download links for VirtualBox and VMware Workstation Pro (DAC and DSC)

Reminder: Workflow Advanced Training for Partners
Participation in this advanced workflow training is voluntary and there is no cost to our Partners. This training does not count toward recertification. Participation requirements: Valid DSC certification and initial experience implementing workflows in your DocuWare projects. In the future we will also be offering this course in Spanish and French.

Reminder: Administrator Training for customers
Due to increased demand for Administration Trainings for customers, we have expanded our dates and are now also offering the courses in Spanish and French. The course lasts 3 days and is currently conducted online. Pricing can be found in the current price list. Registration process: your customer orders from you -> you order by email to The Academy Team sends the confirmation to you and the participant; the billing is handled as per usual between you and the orders department. Course content and dates can be found in the DocuWare Academy (English | Spanish | French).

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