Discontinuation of Oracle as a supported database for DocuWare

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Reasons for the End-of-Life

DocuWare has supported Oracle as a database for its on-premises installations for many years.

A few years ago, Oracle introduced a new architecture ("CDB"). DocuWare never supported it because the small number of customers did not justify the effort. Oracle has announced that it will discontinue Premier Support for the last version that still supports the old architecture (Oracle 19c) on April 30, 2024. Extended Support will be offered free of charge for another year until April 30, 2025.

Because we cannot run DocuWare on a database for which the vendor no longer offers Premier Support, DocuWare has decided to discontinue support for Oracle in parallel with Oracle's discontinuation of Premier Support for version 19c. DocuWare 7.9 (planned for September 2023) will be the last version that can use Oracle as a database. Support for DocuWare 7.9 will continue as usual for three years, until approximately September 2026.  

We will provide you with more information about the migration tool in November 2023.

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