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Discontinuation of GL Coding

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The split booking tool offered by DocuWare Professional Services for transferring accounting records to financial accounting systems will be discontinued as of July 31, 2024. The functionality is now covered by DocuWare standard products.

The GL Coding Azure Services hosted by DocuWare must be replaced by the end of July 2024. Support for GL Coding as an on-premises version will end at the same time. 

To help customers transition to current functionality, the Professional Services team offers various packages. 

What services does the split booking tool include and how can they be replaced by the standard DocuWare modules?

The tool has three individual components:

  • The GL Coding Interface is an individually programmed website that allows the user to assign the general ledger accounts to single or multiple invoice items.
  • The GL Coding Summary Service summarizes the account assignment data into a dynamically generated PDF document and attaches it to the invoice in DocuWare.
  • Using the GL Coding Export Service, you can export the index information of the document in CSV format.

These services are used by customers as on-premises installations as well as cloud services.

The application scenarios can now be mapped with table fields and DocuWare Export.

Which customers are affected?

  • All DocuWare customers using GL Coding Cloud Services GL Coding Azure 
    Services will no longer be available for all DocuWare (cloud and on-premises systems) after the end of July 2024. 
  • DocuWare Cloud customers with GL Coding on-premises installation 
    As soon as a cloud organization is updated to DocuWare version 7.11 (which is scheduled for September 2024), access to the local GL Coding installation via cookie authentication will no longer be possible.  
  • DocuWare On-Premises Customers with GL Coding on-premises installation 
    Since it is optional in this case when the DocuWare system will be updated to DocuWare version 7.11, there is no fixed date from which cookie authentication will no longer work for a customer. Please note, however, that support for GL Coding Tools will be discontinued at the end of July 2024. 

Next step?

You can either switch GL Coding Services to the DocuWare Standard Modules yourself or contact DocuWare Professional Services. Our team can assist you with the planning and offer a package for the conversion of the customer's systems.

We will send an email to all DocuWare Partners who have customers who are affected by the change. There you will also find more information about the services offered by DocuWare Professional Services.

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