Data center in Australia for DocuWare Cloud

In line with the company’s global orientation and to meet the increasing demand for DocuWare Cloud Services, DocuWare recently added another Microsoft Azure data center in a new region. In addition to centers in the EU, the USA and Japan, DocuWare Cloud is now also represented in Australia with a data center to host data from new customers from Australia and New Zealand.
Details can be found in the following FAQs.

FAQs on the new data center in Australia

Who operates the data center?
As with the other data centers used for DocuWare Cloud, DocuWare relies on the multi-certified Microsoft Azure provider. Learn more about DocuWare and Microsoft Azure compliance.

Where exactly is the new data center located?
The main location is the Australia East data center in New South Wales, the GRS location is Australia Southeast in Victoria. The White Paper DocuWare Cloud has been updated accordingly.

Who will use the new data center?
Starting 6/6/2022, new DocuWare Cloud customers from Australia and New Zealand will be hosted in the Australian data center.

For the moment, other new customers from the Asia-Pacific region will continue to be based in the European data center, but there will be some changes soon. We will keep you updated.

The current assignment of the countries to data centers is described in this list.

Can existing customers move to the new data center?
No, the data center is only for new customers. The effort required to migrate existing DocuWare Cloud customers from Australia or New Zealand would be very high, time-consuming and costly. Therefore, we do not offer migration support. Accordingly, we will not advertise the new data center to existing customers from Australia and New Zealand. Please support us in this course.

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