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After Schrems II and Brexit: Data protection regulated between EU and third countries

Datenschutz_Brexit_Blog (4)The EU Commission published two new sets of standard contractual clauses (EN | ES | FR) in June 2021. One set covers data transfers between controllers and processors within the EEA, and the other regulates the possible types of personal data transfers to a third country.

The new clauses for data transfers from the EEA follow a modular approach and one selects the appropriate modules. As a result, the clauses cover a variety of constellations; for example, between...

  • two controllers,
  • controllers and processors,
  • processors and
  • controllers.

The level of data protection applicable in the UK has been assessed by the Commission in an adequacy decision (EN | ES | FR) as equivalent to that of the EU GDPR. Personal data can therefore continue to flow freely from the European Union to the United Kingdom.

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Claudia Goebel

Written by Claudia Goebel

Product Marketing

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