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Update: White Paper System Architecture

DocuWare is a big believer in transparency, especially when it comes to system architecture and how the software is built. To see how everything works, check out our White Paper System Architecture that was newly updated to reflect DocuWare Version 7.6. It offers plenty of insights...and not only for IT professionals.

The System Architecture white paper provides detailed information about how DocuWare is built for local on-premises installations. It provides an overview of the entire system, but you'll also learn in further detail about individual components, both for the front-end and back-end.

What tasks does a component have? With which other "components" does it communicate? Where are its functions managed and what needs to be considered when installing it? The white paper provides answers to these questions and many more. It also brings you up to date on databases and storage locations, archive architecture, scaling systems, integrations etc.

The white paper is available online and also as a PDF download.


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