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Type no more: use document content for everything

Type no more: use document content for everything

The most valuable thing about your documents is the information they contain. You can highlight the content you want right in the DocuWare Viewer and get it where you need it in just two clicks: whether it’s in an email, Word file, or any other application.

Regardless of the file format, the DocuWare Viewer not only displays your archived documents, but also makes the content available for further use thanks to text recognition. For example, do you need an order number to refer to it in an email? Entire passages from a contract to be included in an internal memo? Or the SWIFT code from a letterhead for your accounting system?

With the Viewer function "Copy to clipboard" this is done in a matter of seconds. And transposed numbers are a thing of the past!

So simple

First, click on the clipboard icon next to the viewer tools to activate the feature. (If you don't have the icon, read here how to get it into your toolbar.)


Just hold down the mouse button and slide over the desired text. A message will show you that the text has been transferred to the clipboard.


Using the Windows keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[V] or via the menu command Insert, you can add the contents to a desired file or application - done.