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Tip: Highlight, press shortcut ... document appears

Do you already use Smart Connect and its Highlight Search? Just select text, press a key combination … and the right document appears. Search for documents in DocuWare more easily than ever before, whether you're working with DocuWare Cloud or the on-premises software.

With Smart Connect, you retrieve documents from a DocuWare file cabinet directly out of the applications you work with the most, like an accounting or email program. Its Highlight Search works universally in all your applications and you only need one configuration to set things up. In other words, it works from your CRM, accounting program, chat or even the most basic Word application. Setup is done in no time at all.
No matter which program you are working in: You just click on a word or number with your mouse, enter a shortcut and the document you are looking for is displayed.

Smart Connect Highlight Search

In your accounting program (left), for example, you can select a number or an item in an invoice. Enter a quick keyboard shortcut and the corresponding document in DocuWare will be immediately displayed – in this case a delivery slip (right).


Smart Connect with its Highlight Search is included in DocuWare Cloud. Users working with DocuWare as on-premises software just need DocuWare Version 7.4 and a Smart Connect license.

Read more about configuring Highlight Search in no time at all, you don’t even need a screenshot.