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Time off without a task jam – thanks to Workflow Manager

Every vacation must come to an end. To make sure that the relaxation lasts beyond the first day back at work, it’s important to assign tasks to colleagues so that they can be tackled in your absence. With the help of a substitution workflow, your tasks will automatically be forwarded while you aren‘t not there. In this way, you avoid a backlog of tasks and ensure continuous business processes for your company during your time away.

With DocuWare Workflow Manager, your substitute can handle everything for you - and if she's not there, the next person in charge. This substitution rule ensures that others can process your workflow tasks even when you aren’t available. Before you go on vacation, your workflow designer simply defines which colleagues need to be assigned to which tasks.

How your colleagues automatically jump in for you

While you are away, for example, the task of approving invoices for the company will be given to the employee who is listed as the first sub for you. If this person is also unavailable, the task will automatically be forwarded to the second person listed - and so on. Substitution rules are created in DocuWare Administration.

In DocuWare Client you can also enter your absence under My Profile. Every colleague who is usually entered as a substitute for must also do this for themselves. Entering the absences is of course important - without them a substitution rule won’t work. This data can also be stored in DocuWare Administration.

Manage vacation substitutions

For more comprehensive specifications, simply combine several substitution rules within a substitution list. For example, it can consist of several rules for different cost centers. Substitution lists can also be created in DocuWare Administration. From such a list, you then select all or individual substitution rules for assigning tasks in Workflow Designer. This means a rule must be contained in at least one substitution list.

DocuWare Cloud includes Workflow Manager and its substitution feature. If you are working with a locally installed system, you will need a separate license.

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