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Seek and find - special tips for file cabinet searches

Full-text and keyword searches are the quickest way to find and display stored documents. But for the hardest cases – for example, when you can no longer remember a document‘s name – we’ve got a few pro tips.

Full-text and keyword searches are great ways to track down most documents. A keyword search finds terms in the index fields, while a full text search let’s you also sift through a document‘s content. But sometimes you can reach your goal even faster with a few handy tricks:  

What was the name again?
Let’s say you are looking for a document that you filed away last week. Unfortunately, you don't remember what you named or indexed it. To find it anyway, enter the start and end date of last week for the "Stored on" field and your own user name for "Stored by" in the search dialog:


Stored on and Stored by are two system fields that are automatically filled in for each document when stored. System fields may have to be activated in the search dialog first. If in doubt, ask your administrator. System fields are available starting with DocuWare Version 7.4 for searches, results lists and lists.


System fields can be activated in the file cabinet area of DocuWare Configuration. System fields are marked with a DocuWare icon.

Not these documents
Using AND and OR operators to combine search terms will help to narrow down or expand your results. By using NOT, on the other hand, you can help specify which documents you do NOT want to see. For example, if you are looking for documents related to a project, but don’t want to see all the related invoices. Then enter the project name or number in the project field and the following in the field for the document type: NOT invoice. NOT must always be written in capital letters and in English.
More about Searching with operators.

File cabinet unkown
A document is retrieved via a search dialog - and a search dialog is always assigned to a specific file cabinet. But maybe the document you are looking for could be in several file cabinets? For example, your company has annual file cabinets set up for your invoices, each with the same structure. You are looking for an invoice from a certain supplier, but you don't know whether it was issued this year or last year. For this, there is a way to Search multiple file cabinets:


To create a search across several file cabinets, go to Search > Search multiple file cabinets > Create another search. Then select the file cabinets you wish to search and a search dialog. If you then enter a search term in the Subject field, for example, the Subject field will be searched for in all selected file cabinets. The prerequisite is, of course, that there is such a field. Searching across multiple file cabinets is therefore particularly useful for file cabinets with the same or similar index fields, or when searching in the full text field.

Where is the search dialog?
If you miss a search dialog in DocuWare Client, open the main menu in DocuWare Client, switch to the tab Profile & Settings > Search and activate the desired search dialog there. If you can't find it in the settings either, you likely don't have permission. In this case, contact your DocuWare administrator.


Open "Profile & Settings" at the top of the DocuWare Client via the triangle icon to activate the search dialogs here if required.