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Version 7.4: Collaboration on a new level

Parallel editing of documents in DocuWare Cloud, Highlight Search for users of on-premises systems and electronic signatures…DocuWare Version 7.4 has all this and much more.

DocuWare’s newest version offers a lot of features that make working with documents even easier, faster and more secure. Here’s an overview:

Collaborating live on MS Office documents

In DocuWare Cloud, you can now collaborate live on archived Office documents. You and your colleagues – at the same time! – can open Word, Excel or PowerPoint files from the DocuWare file cabinet in Microsoft Office for the Web. A prime example: when you want to work together on a document during an online meeting.

Edit in Office

When editing in Office for the web, the document opens in a new browser tab. The function enables a number of colleagues to work on a document at the same time.

Highlight Search

The new Highlight Search feature in Smart Connect is the easiest way to search possible. It works straight out of any application – whether a CRM, accounting program, chat, or Word. Now Highlight Search is also available for on-premises customers with Smart Connect. Then all it takes is to highlight any text, click a simple key combination…and the matching document will appear in DocuWare.

DocuWare Highlight Search

In an accounting program (left), highlight a number or an article, press the keyboard shortcut, and the associated documents in DocuWare, in this case, a delivery note, are displayed (as shown on the right).

Electronic signatures with DocuWare

Advanced and qualified electronic signatures ensure the authenticity of important business documents. DocuWare Signature Service automatically transfers documents in a signing workflow to a signature provider, Validated ID or DocuSign, and the users also receive an automatic message notifying them when a document is available for signature.

Exporting and importing workflows

Workflows can now be exported and re-imported into another file cabinet. An automatic check of the workflow ensures that all steps in the system remain intact. This makes is easy to create similar workflows and to check new workflows in a test system independently of live operation.


The motto "simply secure" also applies to the new release, in every respect. With the enhanced Identity Service, for example, you can ensure that your employees always log in to DocuWare using the secure Single Sign-On procedure and that their documents are optimally protected. Single sign-on is also now available for the mobile app and integration links.

All new features in the release description
You’ll receive more information about these and all other new developments – including an overview of application areas and benefits – in What’s new in DocuWare version 7.4, online in the Knowledge Center or as PDF. Here’s also more on the technical changes in this version.
How the update works
As a DocuWare Cloud customer, you’ll receive the update without ever having to worry about it. The DocuWare Cloud Team will inform you of the exact date well in advance.
As a DocuWare customer with an on-premise system, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They will inform you about all the new features and advise you on possible update options.