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Quickly assign partial amounts to an invoice

In DocuWare, it’s easy to manage the error-free assignment of partial amounts  while filing an invoice. Just use Filtered Select Lists to tackle split invoices in no time. 

 A select list contains predefined index entries that a user can click on instead of entering them manually – which helps avoid data entry errors. 

The entries in a select list can be filtered, which means the select list only displays those entries that match the content of another index field. Filtered select lists are also possible for tables as part of the new DocuWare Version 7.3 - for example, in workflows set up for split invoices. 

Select partial amounts and cost centers 

An example: The amount of a split invoice needs to be posted to a cost center of a certain branch. To do this, an employee first enters the branch in the corresponding index field in the store dialog. In the screenshot below, this is "DocuWare" The "Cost Center" table field then displays only those cost centers assigned to this branch. 

DocuWare: Filtering table field entries


Here’s how: 

You can create select lists in the Indexing Assistance section of DocuWare Configuration. Assign select lists to the various index fields in file cabinet administration in the Store dialog/ Index dialog > Dialog box > Field settings.


Fill in table fields conveniently in the new, zoomable view. Click the icon to the right above the table to open or close the maximized view.  

DocuWare maximize view of table fields


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