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Integrating data with on-board tools: Webhooks

DocuWare has many ways to communicate with other applications. Here’s a little background about a new method that also doesn‘t require any additional programmed interfaces.

Let's hear what you are up to - this is exactly what DocuWare does via its new Webhooks module. Simply put, DocuWare regularly and automatically sends notifications when documents are newly stored in a file cabinet or involved in index data exchanges. Other applications in the company can then react to this signal, synchronize their data or trigger actions and workflows.

Choose trigger

In DocuWare Configuration choose the trigger for sending a notification: "Index change" and "New document" are available. 

For example, DocuWare notifies an accounting system as soon as an invoice is checked and the document status changes to "Released." The accounting system synchronizes the document status and releases the invoice for payment transactions.

DocuWare and (in this example) the accounting program communicate with the help of a specially defined URL. To this URL, DocuWare sends the latest file cabinet news (for example, status of document xy changed to "paid") in the form of a request in which the index data is embedded as JSON. The third-party application has the URL on its radar, registers the request, interprets the message and - depending on the configuration - sets an action in motion.

You configure the URL, the trigger for data exchange and the message itself in DocuWare Configuration. All you need are the existing Web Services and Webhooks modules. No need to program your own interfaces:


Have other business applications you want to be able to exchange data with? Please feel free to write us a comment!

Webhooks is available as of DocuWare Version 7.5.


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