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File cabinet notifications optimized for iPaaS

iPaaS connectors are ideal for integrating cloud applications with each other. Webhooks are used to make it all happen and have been optimized in the new DocuWare version for use across integration platforms.

Since summer 2022, DocuWare iPaaS has been providing connectors for creating seamless business workflows between DocuWare Cloud and many other applications – without any programming. iPaaS platforms like Make is where the action happens.   Introduction to DocuWare iPaaS Connectors

Using Webhooks, DocuWare sends automated file cabinet notifications to integration platforms such as Make so that they are available for other business apps. A classic example is to synchronize a database or to initiate workflows. So that the information of the file cabinet notification can be used "out of the box" in the universal iPaaS connectors, the structure of the Webhooks has been adapted with DocuWare Version 7.7.

The variables for file cabinet fields and system information are now composed of key-value pairs commonly used on Make and other integration platforms. For example: {"COMPANY": "%COMPANY%", "CONTACT": "%CONTACT%",}.


The information from DocuWare (left) is delivered to Make via Webhook and can be used with a click – as here on the right in the Salesforce connector.


Editing Webhooks message content has also been further simplified:

  • Message content can now be edited directly on the HTTP Request Body tab – no need for an additional dialog.
  • To go back to the original state, just click on Default – the button Reset to default HTTP Request Body has been removed.
  • Delete Body removes all content with one click.
  • Message content is now validated when a Webhook is saved.

And there’s more! So check out some application fields and benefits in What's New in DocuWare Version 7.7 - Online in the Knowledge Center or downloadable as PDF.