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Digital contract management: Everything under control

Cancel insurance policies before deadlines loom. Renegotiate consulting contracts in a timely manner. With DocuWare, you can manage your contracts efficiently and in full compliance with GDPR guidelines.

With the multitude of contracts that companies have, it's often difficult to keep track of various terms, payment and cancellation periods. When exactly is corporate liability insurance due? By what deadline does the leasing contract for the vehicle fleet need to be renegotiated? And when should various consulting contracts be reviewed so that they can still be renewed or terminated in time, if necessary?

To make matters worse, documents needed for contract management are usually processed by different departments in a company, so they are often filed in different places and aren’t always readily found. Processing and approval processes also come to a standstill whenever colleagues are out for vacation or sick leave. Coordination stress rises, deadlines are missed and – in worst cases – legal disputes can arise.

DocuWare ensures smooth and efficient processes

With DocuWare's contract management features, you can effortlessly manage and process your contracts from across all departments and contract cycles – and always keep them in view. Digital workflows tailored to your needs ensure that all contract-related processes are perfectly coordinated and run like a Swiss watch. Thanks to central archiving, your documents can be retrieved company-wide around the clock and at the touch of a button. Integrated contract alarms also ensure that you never miss payment or cancellation deadlines.



Reduce search times
Regardless of how many departments are involved in a particular process, since all contract-relevant documents are centrally archived in DocuWare, you always end up with the right document immediately when searching. It doesn't matter whether you search using the search mask or folder structure.
sales-lock-sensitive-data Audit-proof archiving
DocuWare strengthens your company in the event of audits and liability issues. Contract documents are stored in an audit-proof and GDPR-compliant manner.



Never miss payments or deadlines
Whether it's for a contract review, payment release, or termination: With the help of contract alerts, you'll receive timely notification as soon as a contract nears expiration or requires action. This can happen directly via list function or, if you don't work with DocuWare on a daily basis, via email notification. Missed early payment discount deadlines and reminder fees...all things of the past.


Maximum transparency
Thanks to automatic version control, you can always see who has made which changes to a document and when, as each document change is automatically saved as a new version. This means that all work steps and changes to a document can also be tracked retrospectively. Highlight: Even older versions of a document can be re-designated as the current version at any time using drag & drop.


Digital contract processing
Particularly in our current situation, where many colleagues work from their home offices, it is incredibly useful that DocuWare is available for joint virtual work on documents. Then it doesn’t matter where everyone is working, since no one has to worry about contracts lost on desks or in file cabinets. Instead, digital workflows automatically integrate colleagues worldwide.


Take advantage of all the benefits with 3 modules

For the above functionalities, you‘ll need the following DocuWare components: 
  • DocuWare Task Manager for lists 
  • DocuWare Workflow Manager for setting up automated workflows
  • DocuWare Connect to Outlook or Connect to Mail for archiving contract documents received by email in DocuWare
With DocuWare Cloud everything is included, for the on-premises solution you‘ll need the corresponding module licenses.

Step by step guide

In the webinar “Automate contracts from start to finish -never miss another deadline!,“ we'll show you in a live demo how to manage your contracts with DocuWare. It’s easy! 

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