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Discontinuation of old user synchronization included in DocuWare administration

Deprecation of old user synchronization

Since DocuWare version 7.0, user synchronization can be managed with the DocuWare User Synchronization Desktop App, for both on-premises and cloud systems. The app offers simplified setup procedures, an enhanced user-friendly interface, and an intuitive step-by-step process.

The previous version of user synchronization, included in the DocuWare Administration, is no longer based on current technology and will therefore be discontinued. Starting with the next DocuWare release, scheduled for spring 2024, it will no longer be part of DocuWare Administration. If you are an on-premises customer and still use this old version of User Synchronization, please plan to switch to the DocuWare User Synchronization Desktop App before updating to DocuWare Version 7.10.

You can find more information about the current User Synchronization in the Knowledge Center. If you have any questions or need assistance with the migration, please contact our support team by opening a support ticket.

If you have never done this before: Here's how to open a support ticket.