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Database entries – the big why?

Database entries – the big why?

You know all about documents in a DocuWare file cabinet, but what about database entries?  How are these different?  How do you create database entries?  And what can they be used for?  Answers to these questions and more…can be found right here.

What is a database entry in a DocuWare archive?

A database entry consists of a set of index terms. Which index terms must be specified depends on each file cabinet and the index fields set up for it.  Actually, it’s like indexing a document – only without the document.

Here’s an example: for HR master data in an invoice verification scenario, the data will be:
First Name | Name | Cost Center |  Release Limit | Supervisor

How to create a database entry?

Click anywhere in the empty part of the tray and the "Store" button will change to "Create data record":

DBeintrag erstellen EN

Then select the file cabinet for which you want to create a database entry and the appropriate store dialog. Here you enter the desired data. Actually, it barely differs from filing a document from a tray - only the viewer remains empty:

Indexdialog und Viewer EN


Application 1: As control data for a workflow

Use the database entries as background information for workflows. At a certain step, for example, the workflow can 'look' into the HR master data to see how high the release limit of the cost center manager is. If the invoice to be released has a higher amount, it is automatically sent to a supervisor for approval. Read more

Application 2: Basis for select lists

Select lists contain suggestions for indexing, which makes indexing easier and more uniform. This is especially practical, for example, for cost centers or supplier data. The basis for select lists can be database entries made in a separate file cabinet. For example, if you have a new supplier, you can create a corresponding database entry with just a few clicks and the company name is already included in the select list – for you and all colleagues.

Application 3: Attach document later

Even before the first document, you can start a business transaction or workflow with a database entry.  If the corresponding document is available later, drag and drop it from the tray to the entry in the results list, similar to this. The document adopts the index terms from the database entry; the latter is replaced by the archived document.



And finally, two tips for working with database entries:

  • In the results list, you can recognize a database entry by the database icon:

    Ergebnisliste EN

  • To change a database entry, simply double-click the entry.  The index dalog is opened, where you can add or change values.