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Don’t just work WITH DocuWare when you can also work ON DocuWare! You can play an active role in influencing the continuous development of DocuWare, to help shape it to suit your own interests. Your experience is critical to us!

We truly value your knowledge and input from working with DocuWare. What works well? What feature might be missing? How could something be made easier? Are new modules that are now in development understandable and simple to use? Join the conversation and help us make sure that DocuWare is further enhanced to fit your needs.

Customer Feedback Forum

With our Customer Feedback Forum, DocuWare offers a central point where you as a user can enter your wishes and ideas for DocuWare features. You can also comment on the ideas of other users and vote for them. Naturally, the more votes and voices, the more likely an idea will be realized.

The DocuWare Product Team regularly looks at the ideas coming in and checks whether they fit with DocuWare’s portfolio. They assign a status – for example, "Added to ideas backlog." If an idea is then ready for implementation, the status is changed to "planned" and finally set to "completed." So you always have an overview of what stage your idea is currently.

With our Customer Feedback Forum, DocuWare offers a central point where you as a user can enter your wishes and ideas for DocuWare features.

To make it easy for you, you can call up the forum directly from the DocuWare Web Client, in the Desktop Apps or the DocuWare Configuration by clicking on the megaphone icon. Or use this direct link to User Voice.

Product tester program

Also as a product tester you influence the development of DocuWare. Participants in this program get early access to concepts and can test new products before the official release. By getting your feedback during development, DocuWare will be more usable and useful when released to the public.

Community forums

Want to exchange ideas with other users or share your knowledge about DocuWare with others? Then our Community Forums are the right place for you! Here, DocuWare users and colleagues can exchange ideas and information on questions about using DocuWare or addressing technical issues. You can also subscribe to the forums, so you never miss an important conversation. Curious? - Here you find more information and the link to register.

The Community Forums are the right place for users to discuss new features




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