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5 Tips to be a DocuWare Virtuoso

Want to get all you can out of your digital archiving solution, so that documents are quickly processed and securely stored. Sound like music to your ears??

1. Molto semplice: Intuitive Drag & Drop
Grab something and drop it somewhere else: that’s definitely an instinctive software tool – and is of course available in DocuWare. Use drag & drop to import files and move or copy documents within DocuWare. Three examples:

  • Import: Drag files from the desktop or from File Explorer into your tray.
  • Sort: Drag a document from one tray to another by grabbing it and dropping it on the tab of a target tray.
  • Store: Drag a document onto the desired store dialog (list of store dialogs must be open).

    DragDropArchiv EN

More options for Drag & Drop in DocuWare.

2. Presto: speed things up with keyboard shortcuts
Using [x] as a placeholder for the current date is definitely a favorite keyboard shortcut in DocuWare, both while storing or searching. There is no faster way to enter a date. You can also use the [+] and [-] keys to go forward or backward by a day. To enter the date of the previous day: two key clicks [x] [-] are enough, done.

If you frequently use the same functions in DocuWare, it‘s a good idea to use keyboard shortcuts for them. They are available in all areas – in the tray, in store/search dialogs, in results lists and, of course, in the viewer. Click here for a list of keyboard shortcuts.

3. Duo concertante: Two workspaces for broadest view
If you want to see more than one tray or result list, open a second workspace for trays, result lists, folders, lists or tasks. Not only do you see more, but you can also, for example, drag a document from a tray to an entry in a results list to quickly store it: Drag & Store.

Arbeitsbereich öffnen EN
Open second workspace by clicking on the highlighted icon.

2 Arbeitsbereiche EN
DocuWare Client with two workspaces

4. Window aria: working on multiple monitors
If you work a lot with the document viewer and have a second screen for it (which might even be set up in portrait mode), just open the viewer as a separate window. Then you can place the DocuWare Client and viewer separately on your screens.

To activate this option: Main Menu > Profile & Settings > Viewer tab.

Viewer im eignen Fenster EN

5. Music for the eyes: it helps to hide
If you have more lists or search and store dialogs assigned to you than you actually need – and things start getting confusing – simply hide what you don't need to see. The same applies to certain fields of a result list or tools in the viewer. Don't worry: you won't delete anything by doing this; you can always undo it.

For example, to hide a search dialog, click the Search tab in Profile & Settings and then click the eye symbol behind the name of the corresponding search dialog. For other items, switch to the corresponding tabs. By the way: you can find store dialogs on the Trays tab and results lists on the Search tab.

Suchdialoge EN

And now it's your turn to try everything out – and make some harmony, so to speak ;-)