Updated White Papers: Integration, DocuWare Cloud and Electronic Signatures with DocuWare


Our White Paper Integration has been expanded to include new integration options such as data transfer to third-party applications via webhooks or CSV export or connection to DATEV. In addition, the White Paper provides a systematic overview of the resources and archive functions that can extend customers' existing IT landscape, as well as the methods of integration from a simple integration link to programmed interfaces.

Online in the Knowledge Center: EN

DocuWare Cloud

The White Paper DocuWare Cloud makes it crystal clear that the security and protection of customer data has absolute priority at DocuWare. The updated version explains security measures and deadlines for data recovery in even greater detail than before.

Online in the Knowledge Center: EN | ES | FR | JA
PDF: EN | ES | FR | JA

Electronic Signatures

The White Paper Electronic Signatures with DocuWare now gives you examples of advanced functions for signing, such as for stapling documents, setting deadlines for signing, or the use of electronic seals.

Online in the Knowledge Center: EN | ES | FR | JA
PDF: EN | ES | FR | JA


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