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Update Security FAQs

The updated DocuWare Security FAQs document has been updated to reflect our latest version. Each chapter, "Cloud" and "Organization," has been enhanced:

  1. DocuWare Cloud – the product
    • The FAQs now provide you with even more detailed information on the Backup and Restore Policy.
  1. DocuWare – the organization
    • DocuWare attaches great importance to environmental and social management as well as social responsibility. The commitment to our environmental and social responsibility is now also useful in the FAQs (Environmental and social governance, ESG / Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR).
    • You will often be asked for Third-party Supplier Security Policy, for which you will now find detailed information.

Expand your profile as a security professional for DocuWare and use the Security FAQs offensively.

Claudia Goebel

Written by Claudia Goebel

Product Marketing

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