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Signature Service update

What's New in Signatures with Validated ID
The following features are now available for all three signature types supported by DocuWare Remote, Centralized and Biometric:

  • Language selection for automatic emails that are sent in connection with an electronic signature
  • Option to apply a signature multiple times in different places on a document
  • When rejecting a signature, transfer of the specified reason to DocuWare is visible in the workflow

What's New in Signatures with DocuSign
As with Validated ID, DocuSign now sends the reason for rejecting the signature to DocuWare and is visible in the workflow.

Newest versions of the configuration manuals
As part of the update to Signature Service, its configuration manuals have also been revised. Take advantage of the new versions.

Signature Service with Validated ID
Signature Service with DocuSign

In order to show interested parties the advantages, possibilities and technical background of electronic signatures with DocuWare, we recommend the White Paper Electronic Signatures with DocuWare PDF | Online in the Knowledge Center

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