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The People Management Insight Expert Report that was generated in partnership with DocuWare, covers which HR business trends will matter most in 2023 and 2024 for the business world. It provides you with comprehensive insights and practical tips from experts to help your customers use technology to make their processes more efficient and better achieve their goals.  

Want a little preview?  

  • Trend #1 - Digitization Projects
    Plan them carefully together with your employees 
  • Trend #2 - Sustainability 
    Paperless = complicated? No - just reduce paper step by step
  • Trend #3 - Data
    Using diversity and inclusion data to become a modern workplace 
  • Trend #4 - Automation 
    From repetitive to creative? Automate HR processes no
  • Trend #5 - Cloud-based Platforms  
    Making attractive working models for millennials and Gen Z  

Learn more about these trends and gain insights from experts by downloading the People Management Insight Expert Report here: US | UK

LinkedIn banners and PowerPoint slides
At DocuWare we dedicate a lot of time to improving our corporate LinkedIn profile. Building trust, earning new followers and increasing engagement for our brand is important to us. LinkedIn is a proven reputation builder! A descriptive and professional LinkedIn profile can give you a priceless edge over your competition. To support you, we’ve developed a new line of LinkedIn Banners that you can choose from.

Please download them here.

A professional LinkedIn profile is a great first step in your successful sales cycle. However, once you have engaged with the prospect and demo’d the DocuWare solution, a meaningful presentation that proves they are dealing with a reputable solution provider will secure their interest and help you secure a new sale. Therefore, we’ve created some great PowerPoint slides to support you.

Please download this new deck here: EN / ES / FR

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