New DocuWare Solution Simplifies Vaccination & Testing Management

Preconfigured cloud solutions

Monitoring vaccination and testing documentation presents a whole new challenge for HR teams, but they are up for the challenge. To meet this need, DocuWare developed a new cloud-based*, preconfigured solution - DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management to support a fast and safe return to the workplace. As this is a new solution, it is available starting with version 7.5.

How does this solution work?
This solution kicks off a workflow that starts with a COVID-19 Vaccination Questionnaire form. This form walks the employee through each step allowing them to enter their data, attach an image of their vaccination record or exemption information and hit submit. Their HR team will now have all the information on file. It’s really that easy. Any reporting needed can be quickly looked up in a list or even exported to a CSV file.


Easily verify vaccination status, manage exemptions and oversee testing compliance all in one safe and secure place. Only authorized staff will have access to employee health information.

Customers don’t have to take the risk associated with relying on spreadsheets or other manual systems. They can protect sensitive employee information with secure access rights and data encryption. DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management is a simple way to automate the collection and tracking of this data giving peace of mind to employers and their employees.

Benefits of this solution

  • Verify employee vaccination status quickly
  • Use ready-to-go, easy-to-use web forms for employees to upload proof of vaccination and other documents
  • Manage weekly testing requirements
  • Maintain an accurate record of vaccine exemptions
  • Have transparency in monitoring test results for employees who are not vaccinated, sending automated email reminders and employer notifications
  • Securely access complete reporting

Responsiveness and speedy deployment (just one day!) make this a great solution for your customers and a nice sales entry point for the team.

A value add: this solution can also be expanded to a full employee management system that digitizes and organizes HR documents for the complete employee lifecycle from applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding to employee separation.

*Add on modules may be required for an on-premises solution.

For links to all the assets for your immediate use a few more details, see the article in PartnerInfo #313.

Although designed for organizations in the US, all other countries can also use this solution.

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