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Invoice Processing for UK and other countries: New functions for efficient approving, GL coding and paying

Faster processing accounts payable – that was our focus for the new version of this preconfigured solution. 

Straight-Through Approval

If invoices match certain criteria customers may not need to approve invoices. If they are passing validation they can go straight through (sic!) to process "4 - Completion". We added two different ways:

  • QuickMatch
    If the total amount of the invoice is less than the QuickMatch amount defined in the supplier master record, the invoice does not need approval and goes to completion
  • Multi-Document-Match
    The most common option will be the three-way-match. However, we can now decide per supplier which documents need to be available in the file cabinet so that the invoice can be seen as approved.

Requestor Approval

Invoices can be approved by requestors and/or cost centre responsibles. If there is a direct relationship between a supplier and the approver the name of the approver can be stored with the supplier master record and the invoice goes directly to this approver. Accounting department can save time to select the related requestor. We offer three options here:

  • Fixed Approver
    Then the invoice is assigned to this user for requestor approval
  • No Requestor Approval
    The invoice skips the requestor approval. If there are cost centres defined for the supplier the invoice is assigned to these managers. In case there is also no cost centre involved it's like another straight-through approval and the invoice appears in process "4 - Completion".
  • Define per Invoice
    That's the behavior that we had in the past. The invoice shows up in process "2 - Approval" and the requestor approver as well as the optional cost centre approvers need to be assigned.

GL Table prefill

The new workflow options allow more detailed options to load the GL Table before presenting the invoice to approvers. The new configuration supports:

  • Even Distribution
    The total net amount of the invoice is divided by the number of assigned accounts.
  • By Percentage
    The total net amount of the invoice is multiplied with individual percentages set in the supplier master record and assigned to accounts
  • From other Records
    The table is copied from either the supplier master record or the last invoice of the same supplier

Out-of-office for Approvers

Tasks which are assigned to individual users rather than roles now check if the approver is available or if the task need to be assigned to their substitutes. A DocuWare Form enables the users to define their absence.

Export of Payment files

DocuWare Export now also provides configurations for payment files to be uploaded to some banking software.

The new version of the solution is now available in the DocuWare Trial. Find updated marketing and configuration materials as well as the DWBUC file for download on our Partner Resources Page. (

Updated how-tos for the new version will be shortly available on

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