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Good to know: Info on updates and versions of preconfigured solutions

Our preconfigured solutions are continuously developed, and their funcInformationtionality expanded. Therefore, release cycles are independent of new DocuWare versions. Find out when new templates are released and how they are versioned.

When are new solution versions released?

With the release of a new DocuWare version, each preconfigured solution is updated to the corresponding DocuWare version. New features and configuration changes are typically not included at this time. You can recognize these templates by the numbering "T0" in the solution version (see below).

New solution versions with functional changes and further developments of the configuration are published independently of the DocuWare release at intervals of 8 to 10 weeks and communicated via PartnerInfo.

How are preconfigured solutions versioned?

The version of a preconfigured solution consists of the prefix of the solution (e.g. IP for Invoice Processing, DW for Smart Document Organization, SG for Electronic Signature) + DocuWare version (e.g. 7.6) + a template number (T0, T1, T2). So the current version of the solution for Smart Document Organization is DW7.6T1.

How to track the version?

The version of a template is stored in the respective system data archive of the solution and can be retrieved via a separate search dialog. The version number is helpful to find the right how tos or if you ever need assistance from the support team.

Where are new versions made available?

New solution versions are published with their release in the DocuWare Trial. You can also find the latest DWBUC file as a zip for download on the Resources page. Please note that DWBUC files can only be imported into existing organizations that are based on the same DocuWare version.



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