Exporting data from DocuWare - existing options and planned modules

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There will soon be another option available for exporting data out of DocuWare for use in other applications. Until now, this was done using the DocuWare Data Export Tool for example. The Data Export Tool was priced separately for DocuWare Cloud and on-premises and installed and configured by Professional Services.

In the future, DocuWare Export will also be available as a new desktop app to meet this need. DocuWare Export will be treated like all standard modules in terms of licensing – meaning it’s available in the functional scope of DocuWare Cloud and as an add-on module for on-premises. It will contain many of the features of the DocuWare Data Export Tool and will also offer the option to easily switch from the old module to the new one.

The DocuWare Data Export Tool will remain available under the current conditions for the time being, meaning that you now have the flexibly choose between both options for your projects.

As soon as DocuWare Export is available, you’ll be the first to know!

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